The Bare Electrodynamic Tethers Project


BETs is a research project funded by the European Commission FP7 aimed at developing an innovative technology for LEO Satellites deorbiting based in Electrodynamic tethers.

BETs encompasses an multinational excellence team to approach Electrodynamic tether propulsion technology in a unique multidisciplinary fashion covering topics like materials science, plasma physics, orbit dynamics, mechanics, electric driving control, etc. which will bridge the gap between concept and real Space applications.

Latest Posts:
  • Monday, 26th of May - 2014 BETs highlighted in Research*EU magazine Research*EU, the magazine where research results obtained from EC projects are highlighted, includes a special section dedicated to Space Junk removal in its May issue. Within that section, which indeed inspired the editorial, BETs is described along an interview to BETs' project coordinator, UPM's
  • Wednesday, 21st of May - 2014 Space junk falls in China A metallic object was found on ground in Qiqihar, in the province of Heilongjiang, in northeast China. The space junk was identified by officials as a part of the PROTON-M launch vehicle or $275 million AM4R satellite involved in the failing Russian launch of last May 15th. Russian officials stated
  • Wednesday, 30th of April - 2014 Space Junk hits Amazon river A fisherman in Brazil's Amazon region of Para has found a large piece of debris from a European space launch, whilst fishing in Uriandeua, a river in the region of Salinopolis last April 26th. The debris, which removal process required more than 10 people, seems to corresponds to the launch of Euro

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